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Balfour Beatty Visual Display
Balfour Beatty Visual Display
Balfour Beatty Visual Display

The Short Interval Control Boards were developed by Balfour Beatty to control and display key logistical, safety, progress and planning information.

It is used as a tool for daily and weekly briefings and we have now developed a set of bespoke magnetic signs which can be rolled up and stored safely to replace the traditional cumbersome project whiteboards.

This is a low-cost solution and an alternative to traditional whiteboards which allows flexibility on where briefings can take place and can be easily interchanged as a project progresses.

This is particularly beneficial in small or tight sites where the logistics change on a day to day basis as it requires no fixing to be displayed as long as a metallic surface is available. This will also benefit satellite projects and travelling teams as the boards can also be rolled up and then displayed on the side of a van.

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